Friday, December 06, 2013

A drizzling rain has encrusted the snow with a layer of crunchy ice and transformed the roads into slip-and-slides. The temperatures are hovering at or above freezing: we are experiencing the Northern version of a heat wave; oddly enough, it is actually colder in Northern California than it is here.

It is the sort of weather than makes me want to run outside with my bare tootsies in a ball gown, just as I did once at my friend Natasha's house. She pulled this gigantic, green frilly gown with a low neck out of her walk-in closet and zipped me into it, just days after I had left a long-term relationship, and for some reason, I jumped out her glass patio door and began skittering back and forth, barefoot, across her snow-covered yard. Natasha chortled and ran after me with a camera. Somewhere she has the goofy photos of me. It was one of the happiest moments of electric freedom I've experienced in my entire life.

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