Friday, December 27, 2013

a remarkable discovery

The "other Fiodor", as he refers to himself, has begun posting the English version of "Un idiot attentif" --
essays on Dostoevsky
Edmund de Waal Zvi Kolitz and others great-of-heart.

Once the book was closed, and after recovering  my senses somewhat,  I thought that I had just read the answer to the Grand Inquisitor found in The Brothers Karamazov..."--Fiodor

Not to be missed.........


Tim Buck said...

Thanks for this link. I'll check it out. Even though my favorite by D. is The Possessed and not The Idiot or The Brothers Karamazov. :)

Fiodor said...

Thank you Iulia!
It is incredible to see how Internet creates links, all around the world, with people who share the same sensitivity about human and spiritual values.
Happy to discover your blog.

iuliaflame said...

Fiodor (Mikhailovich?), I am grateful that you are translating your blog into English, your words are needful.

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