Sunday, December 15, 2013

Someone is Required

"A poet is the trance for reading and transcribing."--Tim Buck

How often, while sifting through the large volume of material available for consumption on the internet, does a reader find herself lucky enough to stumble upon writing that makes her want to stop and savor it, to read and re-read it? Even less often does it happen that this reader discovers poetry infused with a subtle, unique aesthetic that stands out.

A new collection of poems by Tim Buck has made its appearance and should not be missed.

Tragic Ballet: Poems by Tim Buck

Of especial interest to me were several poems Tim had written in honor of people or places. One of these poems was written regarding a Polish poet, Adam Zagajewski. After being introduced to Zagajewski's work on Tim's blog, I found this one spoke to me in particular:


I will not include the text in my blog; Zagajewski aficionados will need to click on the links above for a treat, to experience a sample of Tim Buck's poetry. He captures the delicate, whimsical  mood of Zagajewski: I can almost taste a silver fog emanating from Vistula the river, between the lines....

"...a desperate soul waits at his door of saying."

This single line in the poem on Zagajewsi stunned me, because it is able to articulate one of the reasons I sift through page after page, whether online, or in a library, ravenous for words, starved for a sense of beauty that seems to be missing in much contemporary writing: I find myself waiting at the writer's "door of saying," because (as another of the poems in Tim's collection intimates), "someone is required" to translate intangible, ethereal images and ideas into forms, to transfer them onto the blank page. In my humble opinion, Tim Buck is one of those "someones."


Tim Buck said...

Thank you so much for writing this!

iuliaflame said...

It was my pleasure.

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