Monday, December 09, 2013

The Island

A young man betrayed his comrade during World War II and spent the next 30-some years repenting his actions: a condensed synopsis of this film, which I needed to watch, again, today, to remember and repent of my own sins.

 (from YouTube with English subtitles.)

This film does not provide a definite answer to questions on faith, but it does sketch a glimpse of the character of an ascetic, a "fool-for-Christ" (Христа ради юродивый), the sort of person who was not respected during Soviet times in Russia, and who finds himself as a seemingly accidental vessel of grace, although he is not very well-behaved. In fact, he goes out of his way to prove that he is a menace and buffoon to his peers, while in fact he loves them dearly.


Fiodor said...

A great movie!
Fr Anatoly is a splendid example of holy humor.

Iulia Flame said...


(for erin) when i ask, where have the redpolls gone, and why the silence at my seed station your eyes, unbidden twin candles startle ...

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