Saturday, January 11, 2014


It is conceived as a vision unseen.

First, a shadow swath of bright brush
across a canvas stretch,
lamp black and ochre
swept from pear-wood,
a sketch obscured
by imprimatura.
Add linseed and oil of lavender,
patience feeds on faith,
and lets it dry cross-wise;

burnt umber curlicues,
errors excised through

merciless knife-scrapings;

from leaner layer to fatter,
a dark nearly the death of hope,
and dead grey 
a film of mystery,

breath of turpentine;

in spread and smoothing
stroke of miniver,
with persistence
flesh appears;

a priming of Prussian blue,
madder-lake deep,
a touch of cinnabar
in the seventh wave,

let all of this light
be sealed by damar--

and by purest dread, lest the painted eyes
meet their creator's gaze in recognition.


Tim Buck said...

I like these seven days of creation.

Tim Buck said...
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iuliaflame said...

Thank you for noticing the "seven." The format was difficult for me to navigate.

iuliaflame said...
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julianza said...

I am extremely fond of this one. I am impressed because I think these newer ones are unrevised - just straight up, as it were.

Iulia Flame said...

Bless your heart, Julianza. Don't be impressed, I am absolutely clueless.

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