Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moon Tree

Into a land divided: red, blue--
White stars drooping on flagpoles--
Two hundred turnings, marred
By spilling our brothers' blood,

Came a stale war, a fresh cause:
Rocket us to the moon, baby!
Apollo 14 held precious cargo:
Seeds hovering above La Luna.

The packet burst open, they say,
But a smoke jumper persisted, sent
Them out into dark for nurture,
Quietly scattering seedlings.

Planted near the Capitol steps,
A forgotten moon tree awaited
The executioner's blow, until
One gardener stood his ground.

A scribble inspired by a story I heard while living in Sacramento about the Moon Tree, planted next to the California Capitol in 1976, and then forgotten; was slated to be cut down during construction for a new entrance, until someone remembered that its seed had orbited the moon.

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