Friday, January 31, 2014

St. Brigid's Day

I am older than Brigit of the Mantle,
I put songs and music on the wind
Before ever the bells of the chapels
Were rung in the West
Or heard in the East.
I am Brighid-nam-Bratta:
Brigit of the Mantle,

I am also Brighid-Muirghin-na-tuinne:
Brigit, Conception of the Waves,

And Brighid-sluagh,
Brigit of the Faery Host,

Brigit of the Slim Faery Folk,

Brigit the Melodious Mouthed
Of the Tribe of the Green Mantles.

And I am older than Aone (Friday)
And as old as Luan (Monday)

And in Tir-na-h’oige my name is
Suibhal: Mountain Traveler,

And in Tir-fo-thuinn, Country of the Waves,
It is Cu-gorm: Gray Hound,

And in Tir-na-h’oise,
Country of Ancient Years,
It is Sireadh-thall: Seek Beyond.

And I have been a breath in your heart,
And the day has its feet to it
That will see me coming
Into the hearts of men and women
Like a flame upon dry grass,
Like a flame of wind in a great wood.

Fiona MacLeod / William Sharp


For Yolanda: Red Ophelia

Red Ophelia's hands on paper--
Words inscribed in her own blood--
Has  forgotten what is water,
Shy Gypsy in a crimson dress.

Brigid, mistress of the mantle,
Lend you fire, bring you joy--
Come visit me in the forest,
Green Ophelia of the Trees.


Harlequin said...

Hiraeth ... Brighid-nam-Bratta ... et al .. forgive my noticing a certain Celtic pattern ... Tir na nog

Iulia Flame said...

Tír na nÓg--land of tuatha De Danann. Perhaps when one wanders from there to here, one becomes homesick.

(for erin) when i ask, where have the redpolls gone, and why the silence at my seed station your eyes, unbidden twin candles startle ...

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