Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alyona Buzylyova

In 1975, Alyona Buzylyova became famous as a 10-year-old in Emile Loteanu's film, Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven or Queen of the Gypsies (Табор Уходит в Небо), a favorite film of mine, which can be viewed online here (I believe there are English subtitles) or here--this may be a better link, depending upon your connection.. The script of the film is based on a story by Maxim Gorky; the plot and characters seem to hover somewhere inside a timeless Dionysian mystery play. Alyona was one of the actual, ethnic Gypsies participating (not all were). This movie must be experienced to be understood; it's not easily described.

Here is a link to a video--perhaps the most memorable of her vibrant appearances in the film, singing Nane Tsokha:

Alyona was a spunky foil for the fabulously lovely Moldovan actress Svetlana Toma in this video of Loli Phobay (The Red Apple), a link of which I'm providing below:

Loli Phobay.

It is difficult to locate videos of Alyona's later performances, but I tried...Here she is, singing with her sister Natasha in the 1980's:

At a festival in 1990:

Alyona was still going strong in 1999 at another festival:

Who knows what she is up to now......but thank you, Alyona, for being yourself.

And for all of the fans of the great film, Tabor Ukhodit V Nebo -- Ech, Romally!!!


bluestorm said...

spirit larger than life!

Iulia Flame said...

Yes, bluestorm--and what is more, you can sense that her life was not an easy one, no picnic in a park. Thank you for stopping by.

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