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Emile Loteanu was the screenwriter as well as the director of the film mentioned in my last post, Gypsies Camp Near Heaven. 

There is a scene in the film that bemuses me. I'd like to think Loteanu was poking a bit of fun at himself, as well as at other would-be artistes. In this scene, the swashbuckling Loiku Zobar, greatest horse thief in the world, has just stolen a perfect white mare for his proud lady-love, when he arrives with his friends on the scene of the abandoned Gypsy camp--he doesn't realize that the caravans are gone because soldiers chased them off, or that his father will betray him for the sake of the rest of the tribe--

While Zobar is staring at the smoking camp-fires, a strange-looking cavalcade begins bumbling, howling and mewling down the road. Superficially, it resembles a Gypsy caravan--an oddly assembled wagon, a group of "normal" men singing, enjoying themselves, banging a drum and, in general, causing a chaotic ruckus.

One of Zobar's friends asks, confused, "Who are they? Are they crazy?"

Zobar replies, "No, brother, they are--artistes."

The character of Zobar, played by Grigore Grigoriu, is the consciousness (and conscience) of the film--in my opinion, he embodies the director's vision--that the genuine artists are those who are most "real"--the Gypsies--whose lives are lived on the edge of a knife, and whose perennial future is The Road. The rest are pale impersonations.

But Zobar is willing to acknowledge those who attempt to imitate his craft.


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There are so many other aspects of the film I could have commented on: how it was reverse subversive; although properly critical (for its times) of capitalism, it highlighted a spirit of creativity and dissidence...or that it sings of the freedom of the spirit in a material world...but for some reason, this little directorial "aside" caught my eye. Thanks for stopping by.

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