Monday, February 10, 2014

Rock Dove (for Miss J)

In bereft winter stirs an orchid wind:
Song sifting me, reciting her longings--
Beloved, join me in this madrigal--
Melt away proud logic's dusty glacier,
Shatter the velvet mirror of darkness,
Wonder, erode grief and all masks of mind.

Night listens to me wrestle with music.
A salt wave dashes plates of ice to silt.
A rock dove dives onto a frost-crusted twig,
Tapping on its buds. Rosa rugosa,
Dozing, dares not trust to words or to wine--
Giddy gray dove, your haven is silence,
Mother of veils, teach me this melody.


bluestorm said...

wonderful! line after line
you take me to another realm . . .

Iulia Flame said...



of fluid dynamics and flight In another dream, Tulugaq, the Raven, flies over the ocean. She, the sea, hungers for Chronos. A drum is ...

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