Monday, March 10, 2014

Baba Marta Day; Bulgarian Children's Choir Sings Debussy

I found an unusual rendering of Claire de Lune, sung by a children's choir, during a Debussy binge.

March 1 was Baba Marta Day, or Martenitsa. The tradition--correct me on this, anyone? is that bracelets made with red and white threads are swapped, until everyone sees the first stork, whereupon the trees are festooned with Baba Marta bracelets. I am a bit late in wishing everyone Happy Baba Marta, but Spring is far, far away, up here in the North. We may have to wait till the beginning of May for our Martenitsa.


bluestorm said...

i smile! you got it all right, dear Julia.
these "Martenitzas" are usually pinned to the clothes, on the left side or by the heart. they should be visible - some on the coat (it is still cold in March after all), some on the blouse/dress. but could be worn as bracelets too. then the "Martenitza" is taken off when the first blossoming tree is seen, often it is the dogwood in these parts of the world. it is hung on their branches.

thank you very much for this adorable, heartwarming entry!

Happy Baba Marta! may you be healthy and smiling! -

Iulia Flame said...

Bless you! Happy Baba Marta! Thank you for the clarification. I might have to wait awhile for the first blossoming tree--unless the willows count--they've been confusedly blooming all winter. :)

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