Friday, March 14, 2014

Mikhail Khodanov interpreting Vysotsky

It has been proven to me, once again, that truth is stranger and more wondrous than fiction.

Mikhail Khodanov is an interpreter of Vladimir Vysotsky's work, who has just written a book on the spiritual origins and/or influence of Vladimir Vysotsky's creativity. Vysotsky, a  poet-bard, played a large role in the cultural life of Khodanov's generation. As Khodanov puts it: "It is the essence of his songs that matter." And Khodanov believes he has found some of the keys to the essence of Vysotsky's art.

I am holding a copy of Khodanov's book in my hand, because he--a bright personality himself--gave it to me tonight as a gift. A wonderment. If I ever digest it properly, I'll have to blog on Vysotsky.

It has been years since I've spent an evening like this:

By the end of the evening, my friends were singing a Bella Akhmadulina poem-romance in Khodanov's honor, and tears were flowing.

Sublime sigh.

Life, thank you. 

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