Thursday, March 20, 2014

the path

“We are close to waking when we dream that we are dreaming.” 
― Novalis

The pathway is a silver river
into a place where sight is not seeing,
and the walls are made of gold,
all that is gold are not walls,
they are smooth but they are honey

there is no hurry to move
but to move is to dive
into waters that do not ripple
and yet colors appear

a fan as of feathers unfolds
it is gold but it is alive
each feather has an eye
of blue or of green

and shadows forget their darkness
in the light without a sun
and the bright blush of red
becomes gold and more gold
before the silver river
until the eyes are opened.

Some paths lead into darkness,
anguish may linger as a companion.

Let all tears be scattered to naught,
when, at long last, from a distance,
silence, essence of blue wind,
word unspeakable, you approach.

If there is no more room in me for sorrow,
will you take joy as a gift from my hands?


bluestorm said...

love this poem of yours! - the road, the images along
the unspeakable questions, the silent answers too, perhaps.

Iulia Flame said...

Gratitude to you for reading. Yes, the movement in silence...

the song of a shell sapphire melting inside jade a color unnamed Ofra Haza's version of this song defies categoriz...

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