Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Night (Valery, Konstantin Meladze, Dialog), 1991

This song was written by Konstantin Meladze and was performed by his brother Valery with the group Dialog in 1991, before they both became big-time celebrities. Valery's voice rang out like a crystal bell; his brother's vision, even clearer. What a turbulent time to wrestle one's self into a career.

It's not yet the last leg of twilight
the last nightingales have not scattered
near your bed vaguely hangs
the rosy foam of the hawthorn

Sleep, as if on stage, in your own meadow,
sleep; this night is shorter than your love
sleep in a tale for children in the shell of night
without a name in the forest of remembrance

Sleep, this night is shorter than your love... (4x)

Until, like a railway trestle laid down,
as if a suicide on wheels, my life
along the black ripple of Plyos*                             * a city and railway station
is flying headlong, an immutable road

Sleep, this night is shorter than your love
sleep tonight
sleep tonight

So it is that when I became myself
and whichever day, every day became dearer
every night became dedicated strictly--
holding my own court impatiently with fate


I'm listening to this song after having a dream that a tall Scottish police inspector from a BBC series told me strictly, scoldingly, to stop working so much because we were engaged, and then Konstantin Meladze was taking photos of me with a group near the sea. Then a gigantic wave appeared and we were all submerged. At first we were all laughing, but I noticed a boy named Alyosha was lost, and I kept calling his name, "Alyosha, Alyosha!", and began combing through the water to find him and save him or shake him awake--and then I woke up.

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