Sunday, May 04, 2014

Spectral Lyre - A Launching

“Only in the beauty created
by others is there consolation…” (Adam Zagajewski)

Announcing the launch of Spectral Lyre.

The idea for this online journal grew out of a months-long email engagement between friends with the poetry of Adam Zagajewski.

Occasionally, one will come across a poem in which the poet has become language itself and is speaking a quality of time’s mystique. Such poems hold a paradoxical, ambivalent tension between joy and melancholy. We prefer that kind of poem, where the poet almost disappears during the transformation of experience into the substance of written art, into the texture of an almost musical truth. Oftener than not, those poems are strangely coherent and hospitable — the reader requires no secret code or sticks of dynamite to uncover a sense of what’s being said, what’s being meant.

Eventually, we plan to publish a quarterly journal, dedicated to poetry, essay, and other art forms. For now, this blog is our gradual heralding of the later magazine. Spectral Lyre blog will familiarize you with our general vision: poetry and other forms of expression as primarily aesthetic and metaphysical happenings.

Besides eventually publishing new poems, we will bring to fresh light older poems by master poets. Other kinds of masterful work will complement our emphasis on poetry — the visual arts, music, and prose. We’re also keenly interested in translation.

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