Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shadow Dance

Summer is melting the roof of the world,
Where a lonely gray sea breaks its back.
Time is scented by poplars and lilac-blossoms.
Peering into a star-flower, the sun forgets to set.

During a circuit around the park, my eyes linger
On the ridge-line of the Chugach Mountains,
Blinking into a heart awash with elation,
Argent eclipse of a life's tear-filled cistern.

A three-year-old girl lifts her arms, and turns,
Twirling just ahead of her own silhouette.
Am I rewriting, or living backwards?
Between her shadow and mine, a secret stirs.


bluestorm said...

Through your words and pictures I take in life's mystic beauty and mystery
one glimpse/stroke/sip at a time. Cherishing. Thank you.

Iulia Flame said...

Thank you, bluestorm.

I feel similarly about your photography/vision.

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