Monday, July 28, 2014

Gladsome Light (Rachmaninoff, All-Night Vigil)

It is said that this hymn was originally written to be sung by ordinary folk during the lighting of the lamps in the evenings, before the advent of electric bulbs.

In Rachmaninoff's version of the hymn, which is one of my favorite compositions of his, the melodic lines are caught mysteriously, infectiously, like candle-fire, by one part of the choir and passed to another.

Enjoy this performance by several Utah-based choirs. A peaceful even-tide to those who are going to their rest, and salutations of the dawn to those who are rising.


Fiodor said...

Beautiful music, which raises the soul. Thank you
I should visit your site more often!

Iulia Flame said...

You honor me by your presence. Merci!

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