Thursday, April 30, 2015

Late Light

Here, east of the sun, to the port side of the moon, it is now my distinct privilege to inform you that the dream is over. That the veils have been parted, and a scroll has been inserted into a space near your heart by a pair of cerulean hands. On it, three words have been inscribed: "Kindness Will Endure."

Did you catch that scent? Is it frankincense, with the added perfume of some rare flower? Or is it incense, or myrrh? How is it that I can smell it from my perch on this stump in my garden?

How was it that this has happened, Draconis? Not for the first time, I glimpsed, or I felt you by my side. I was parked, as usual, at my desk. You, with your translucent silvery wings, edged in blue, kept fluttering about.

Our thoughts were with the people in Nepal. I knew that you would fly there, to comfort them. I would help in my own way, as best as I could. Absent-mindedly, I read the words on my wall below the Tree of Life: Lift the stone and you will find me; cut the wood in two and there I am.

And then -- As soon as I had pronounced the words, "I am," a solemn and unexpected message came: "You are my sister."

"And so you are," you, Draconis confirmed.

And then the Melissae began to arrive, I could feel their silken presence fill the room and surround us both. They tapped me so very gently and elegantly, and said, "I think you know that this is a grail, this is a fragile love."

You must understand that I had not been soliciting any of this. I am a busy person, with all sorts of various and sundry projects, details, deadlines, and baskets overflowing with unfolded, but mostly clean, laundry.

The scent of the perfumed incense, again. A whispering from the Melissas: "Mary," they said. And then, I do not know how this is, but I felt the sensation in my body as if it had taken the form of the Nazarene, and I could feel the nails in my wrists as a strange heaviness. And then, hovering above me, a softness, a sweetness, a light, a warmth. It was Lady Isis, bending over us all in a blessing and embrace.

We were silent for some time.

Then, Draconis, you were lying on your back, staring at the ceiling,  Just as soon as I received the word, "Lhasa," you said, "I've been seeing oriental dragons, mandalas and all sorts of colored symbols." It was as if we were traveling together, wearing some kind of hoods, and I saw our hearts as lotuses. I cupped my hands and extended my lotus out -- so that I could join with the monks in prayer. I lit a candle.

Later that day, it was so strange, we were both feeling a sharpness in our abdomen, as if we were sharing birth pangs with our Mother Earth. Neter, neteru. Nature, calling to us.

How this was, I do not know. All I do know is that -- Draconis, I wanted to lock you inside a red, red rose and throw away the key.

"Stop sitting on my tail!" you howled. When I jumped up in mock horror and apologized, you began chuckling, a low and slow rumble.


It is late now, but, as it happens in the North, if it isn't dark most of the time, it is light most of the time. The rays from a burnished-silvery sun pierce the horizon on one side, while the moon rises on the other. I decide to go on a ramble up the road.

The poplars are swaying lightly this evening. "Veter," I hear: "The wind, Alla', there is a grace in the wind." There is the trill of a thrush.

I return home, and sit again. I realize that it is no longer Draconis, but Alyosha sitting by my side. "I think I just saw the sun rising in our hearts," I say.

"Yes, it is," you answer.

And we hold hands like two small children, smiling, now and then, through our tears.


Wrexie said...

Just wonderful. Strange and beguiling and deeply humane.

Iulia Flame said...

I send you my love through the miles, Wrexie.

bluestorm said...

A heavenly [de]lightful piece, Flame. It has been such a joy and comfort following your work here. xx

raw poetry by donna snyder said...

Filled with peace, love, gentleness, energy, life, and oracular sentience. I'm so lucky to find it.

Iulia Flame said...

Dear Donna, bluestorm, I am grateful for your presence. Blessings.

m.j.e. said...

( ) .. mj

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