Saturday, October 24, 2015


To the day belongs work and all of its clattering company of earthly cares.

The night is a sanctuary for starlight, moon-glow, and for dreams of flight.

Sing, Alkonost, and forget your sorrow, Sirin! Do you not know that Finist, Yasny Sokol, our Bright Falcon, is here?

Alkonost and Sirin (Anastasia Grigorieva)

On our pillows, we close our eyes, we each cling to a single feather. Only when we join together in the dreamworld, do we find our wings.

Falcon (Ivan Bilibin)

Hardly realizing it, we are aloft. We fly past mountains and woodlands, past the River of Tears and the Well of Forgetfulness.

Along the way, we meet Blessed Seraphim, who is conversing with a grand old bear. He waves us on, saying, "My joys, go on! I myself collected the feathers of the bright ones in my time! Our Lady gave me the first one as a gift when I was yet a boy."

When we have flown straight into the heart of the matter, we arrive at a place in the sky where geometry is born of light.

Just as soon as a word is spoken in this place, a shape appears. 

And each of the word-forms is so glad of the chance to be brought into being-- it spins, it dances in an endless ecstasy.

Raisa's Dream (Kandinsky)

Shawm (Kandinsky)

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