Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clara Schumann (Piano Trio in G Minor, Opus 17, 3rd Movement)

Performed by alesiEnsemble Salzburg.

Clara Wieck Schumann was a noted 19th century musician and composer. She also had eight children. While listening to this music, I feel a bit like the Grinch -- my heart expands, growing three sizes larger!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The clouds are churning all day in a milky sky; I close my eyes and am wholly at home,

but to please my child, I drive out by the sea. 

The tide is out, and is rushing sidelong over toward the mouths of two great rivers.

We hear the glad chatter of a flock of wild ducks returning to their Northern nesting-grounds.

A haze hovers over the trees, which are ready to burst into gold-green flames.

On the way home, a foreboding seizes my innermost viscera. It has to do with my youngest; my fierce young phoenix has been having a day.

In the evening, while speaking to a friend, I glance out the window to the West in the direction of the departing sun -- 

there, between two trees, the inexplicable is occurring: the waving branch of one spruce to the left is describing a sloe-dark eye, while a parallel branch to its right depicts the other half of a pair of eyes, staring directly at me. A curling branch curves downward like the curve of a shawl, completing charcoal sketch of a most obscure, dignified, and nebulous beauty.

Not wanting to lose the enchantment of this moment, I hurry to tell the tale to my friend, who pronounces solemnly, "Do you not see that this is you, you are the dark mother. It is you."

I do not have the proper words to reply. All that I am -- I offer to this world, to this beauty, to this becoming.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Begemot sightings

Graffiti from the unofficial museum of Bulgakov in the 1990's.

One could not bring up the subject of The Cat in Russian Literature without at least a brief mention of Bulgakov's Begemot (from The Master and Margarita.) The characters of this novel appear to haunt parts of Moscow. Begemot, who had a legendary appetite, even has his own cafe.

"It is forbidden to talk to strangers" - a sign near the Patriarchal Ponds in Moscow.

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