Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Levon Minassian (Nare Nare)

Levon Minassian, a classical pianist and composer, considers the ancient duduk his first musical instrument.

The Armenian alphabet appears in disguise as a series of calligraphic miniatures:

The poet Silva Zanoyan Merjanian writes, in Motherland:

look, I shed you in layers
wrapped in double helix
around my vision

I took off your clothes
and I walked naked into the ocean  
you, dry seaweed
holding on to my bruised fingernails
I set my sons free while still in womb
kissed their soft heels on their path at seventeen
daughters were not born to me
I whispered to them anyway
you are free
you are free

mountains shiver in echo of your centuries 
bouncing on a thousand church stones
but I am no more wrapped in your fury
nor your ache 
only in a yearning I do not understand.

--Silva Zanoyan Merjanian

When the wind is out of breath, I retreat to the mother-roots, to the heartwood, through dragon-whispers of darklight to the song of th...

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