Saturday, November 07, 2015

Winter Forest (Azam Ali)

Perhaps the whisper was born before lips,
And the leaves in treelessness circled and flew,
And those, to whom we impart our experience as bliss,
Acquire their forms before we do.

--Osip Mandelstam


Winter Forest is sung by Azam Ali, accompanied by Loga R Torkian, from Lamentation of Swans: A Journey Toward Silence.


This is what I most want
un-pursued, alone
to reach beyond the light
that I am furthest from.

And for you to shine there-
no other happiness-
and learn, from starlight,
what its fire might suggest.

A star burns as a star,
light becomes light,
because our murmuring
strengthens us, and warms the night.

And I want to say to you
my little one, whispering,
I can only lift you towards the light
by means of this babbling.

--Osip Mandelstam

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