Monday, June 12, 2017

En plein air - in memoriam Andrew Bellon

A dreamless sleep falls
from the shimmering leaves.

--Sappho fragment, tr. Andrew Bellon

I changed,
deepened, traveled,
mused by pools,

crumbled, stretched,
tilled fields of clouds,

nearly died,
chased the acorn of light,
and was chased out of chaos.
Tangled with the hierarchies.

Walked beyond the walls of a day
with a heart in shards.

I orbited

got lost on a river
with the moon.
my fall.

I drifted in the white noise
of passing years
with the airborne seeds.

Half an hour,
half a life,
What's the difference?
Time's arrows are spent.
A crone crow laughs
by the roadside palmetto,
laughs at my incompetence.
What use are words
when the true language
of mystery
is silence?

--Andrew Bellon, 2014

When I heard of the recent  passing of Andrew Bellon, I went out to the garden for a ponder.  

 An intermittent breeze wandered through the valley, catching the leaves just before they fell into a hazy doze. A dappled emerald canopy blurred the alabaster trunks of the birch trees. 

In the air-castles of my imaginings, Andrew has not truly gone, but has merely flown further along his journey into an ethereal enigma beyond the current reach of our senses. My deepest condolences go out to his loved ones. 

 I dedicate this small virtual space, populated though it is by ones and zeroes in lieu of flowers, to the memory of this contemporary writer, whom I respected as a poet, as an aesthete, and as a genuinely kind man. 

So let us melt, and make no noise,
No tear-floods nor sigh-tempests move....

--John Donne

Tim Buck expressed a subtle appreciation of the writing of Andrew Bellon in a post in Spectral Lyre in 2015: Poet Andrew Bellon and the Eternal Season

If you have either sung, or savored, the Rachmaninoff hymn Bogoroditse Devo, you might enjoy this endeavor of the Robert Shaw Festival Singers, directed by Robert Shaw in 1989. I'd like to think Andrew would have enjoyed it. 


Marlowe Rafelle said...

andrew touched so many lives, near and far.
thank you for this commemoration.

Iulia Flame said...

It is true, he left a profound impression. Thank you for stopping by.

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