Saturday, February 11, 2017

I am hiding even from myself, whispers the rose, under three feet of snow.

But I know you are there, even so, I reply.

The moon remembers the petals that fell like scarlet tears in the frost.

And with each sunrise and sunset, the nearest star sings the language of color nearer and nearer to blossoming.

Verses develop, like stars and like roses,
Like beauty -- unneeded in the family.
And there is to wreaths and apotheoses,
But one answer: from whence do they come?

We sleep -- and lo, through the stone tiles
Appears a heavenly guest with four petals.
Oh world, perceive! The singer in a dream discerns
The law of the stars and the formulas of the flower.

--Marina Tsvetaeva

Стихи растут, как звезды и как розы,
Как красота – ненужная в семье.
А на венцы и на апофеозы –
Один ответ: – Откуда мне сие?

Мы спим – и вот, сквозь каменные плиты,
Небесный гость в четыре лепестка.
О мир, пойми! Певцом – во сне - открыты
Закон звезды и формулы цветка.

--Марина Цветаева

Zia Nath, dancing. 

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